About Ellie Gunn

Ellie Gunn lived in eight states and attended thirteen schools before arriving in Oregon in time to graduate from high school. She decided in 8th grade that one good reason to start another new school was that she could change her personality and no one would know.

Instead of going straight to college, she worked in a variety of jobs for seven years. She now thinks working in restaurants, department stores, insurance companies, and dental offices was a great opportunity to study human beings.

Ellie was such a great listener that many people sought her advice, for free. So in 1968 she decided to go to college, get a degree in counseling, and get paid for giving advice. Her degree from the University of Oregon in Community Service led her to live on "hippie communes" for eight years, where everyone handed out groovy advice for free.

A chance meeting with a pregnant woman in 1975 put Ellie on the "catching" end of a home birth. Even though she had no medical training, her reputation as a trusted midwife in Western Oregon grew. That's just how things happened then. A decade and fifty healthy babies later, Ellie married and had her own baby and settled down for a career with regular hours, massage therapy.

Ellie and her husband, Mark Davis, are known in McMinnville, Oregon, for their leadership in the Yamhill Valley Peacemakers, their commitment to protecting the environment, and their year-round abundant vegetable garden.

Ellie likes to write about birth, peace, gardening, people, and dreams. She has written short stories, poems, essays, and a Scotland travel blog, "Chasing Bagpipes". She felt compelled to write the Highland Clearance story and in the process has done extensive research, studied writing techniques, and attended the Willamette Writer's Conference in 2008.

Her family and friends continue to be the stars in her life.